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Pam Booker

Pam E. Booker Pettis, Esquire is an experienced local government attorney with over twenty-nine years experience in various areas of local government practice, including circuit court, appellate court and federal court litigation.

For years, she has effectively worked with government officials, the public and staff to advise cities on various legal matters with a focus on avoiding costly litigation. She has served as a City Attorney for two cities and is admitted to the U.S. Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida. 

Pam is an experienced land use attorney who has been responsible for creating, drafting and obtaining approval of initial comprehensive plans for the cities.  She is proficient in drafting ordinances and resolutions for the operations of the cities, has managed legal departments and provided legal advice to City Council members, City Managers and Department Heads.  

She has also been responsible for management of outside council for complex litigation involving the Cities and currently serves as Board Attorney for various city planning and zoning boards.

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